Structured Wiring

structured wiring

Let us pre-wire your new home or update your existing home for the future! We provide structured wiring systems for your cable tv or satellite, network, video, audio, alarm, telephones and more. Structured wiring has the following advantages:

    Most structured wiring panels are recessed into the wall with a flush mount cover. After the job is done, the panel is tucked neatly out of the way.

    With all of your cabling going back to the structured wiring panel, you have the ability to easily reconfigure how your systems are set up without having to re-run wire or make additional splices. If you add a new signal source, it will only need to be brought back to one location to be distributed throughout your home.

    Every wire or cable can be labeled and easily separated from the others to check for opens or shorts. The panel is typically installed in a utility room or closet and mounted at eye level to make servicing much easier.

    With all cables run back to a central location, you eliminate many wiring junctions. All cables can be connected to the same beginning signal source. This allowseach cable run to have similar signal strength when it reaches its destination. If a signal amplifier or splitter is needed, it can be placed inside the structured wiring box.

    You always want to have as few wiring splices as possible. Splices are succeptible to picking up noise and interference and are often the cause of wiring trouble. If you must have a splice in wiring, it is much better to have them in an easy to access location.