Online Alarm can install your new video surveillance system in your home or business that will store video and allow you to view it on your iphone, android, blackberry or web browser to monitor activity while you are away. We can also service, upgrade or add on to your existing camera system.

  • Day/night cameras: A day and night camera is designed to be used in outdoor or indoor installations with environments with poor lighting.
  • Pan tilt zoom cameras (PTZ): Allow you control the pan, tilt and zoom operations of the camera lens remotely or through a surveillance DVR or Network Device. PTZ Cameras have the ability to move up, down, right, left, and even zoom in and out.
  • Covert cameras: Our hidden cameras blend into any environment. Whether you are looking for hidden video cameras for home or a hidden surveillance camera for work, we have a covert security camera to meet your needs. We also offer customized solutions so call us to design the right hidden video camera system for covert surveillance that meets your individual needs.(this section stolen from super circuits web site, need to re-word)
  • DVRs: DVR stands for a Digital Video Recorder and it allows you to record the the live surveillance video that is being captured by your security cameras. Digital Video Recorders Make it Easy to Record, Play & View Surveillance Video. A CCTV digital video recorder (or "DVR" for short) is essentially a computer that saves security video images to a hard drive. Most security cameras in use today capture an analog picture. The DVR converts the analog signal to digital and then compresses it. Many cameras can be connected to one DVR. DVRs generally come with 4, 8, or 16 camera inputs. The DVR will allow you to view all of these images at once or one at a time, and all of the video is saved to the hard drive.