Automatic Gates

security gates

We can install and service any brand of automatic gate systems such as swinging, sliding, or hydraulic. A basic automatic gate system typically consists of an electric operator, a wireless receiver, safety sensor and a clicker. We can also install automatic exit sensors, keypads, intercoms and telephone entry systems.

  • Electric operator - physically attaches to the gate and opens and closes the gate(s)
  • Safety sensor - detects the presence of a vehicle or person in the path of the gate and stops the gate from striking the vehicle or pedestrian.
  • Clicker - is the wireless button you use to open the gate from your vehicle.
  • Wireless receiver - this is what the clicker communicates with to open the gate.
  • Keypad - you can enter a code to open the gate if you do not have a clicker.
  • Telephone entry system - when a guest arrives at the gate, they can press a call button that will call the premises phone and speak with someone who can remotely open the gate.
  • Exit sensor - when you or a guest are leaving, the exit sensor detects the vehicle and automatically opens the gate to allow you to leave without activating a clicker.